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This guide will help you set up your computer to the Open Access Lab Printers


During this process you may be prompted for a username and password. The windows will say if they are for something associated with Missouri State or not. If they are with Missouri State you need to use your Bearpass Login and Password. If they are not then it is asking for your computer username and password.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Check online for the printer drivers for the appropriate printer (models listed at the bottom of this guide). Only install them from the support page from the manufacturer, not any other sources.
  2. Open System Preferences and click Print & Scan.

  3. Click the button to add a new printer. Make sure the lock below is set to open otherwise your computer will prevent you for making changes. If it is locked, click the image and type in your computer credentials. 

  4. Clicking + may load another menu. If it does, click Add Printer or Scanner....

  5. In the window that loads, you should have an Advanced button in the bar. If so, skip to Step 6. If you do not see the Advanced button, right-click in the open area and click Customize Toolbar...

  6. In the new window that loads, click and drag the Advanced button to the empty space in the menu bar. Once you are finished, click Done.

  7. Click the Advanced button that you just added to the tool bar to bring up a new menu. 

  8. In the Advanced menu, set the following:
    1. Type: Windows printer via spoolss
    2. URL:smb:// then the printer server followed by the printer name. A list of commonly used printers' names and servers are listed at the bottom of the page.


      If you are running Mac OS X 10.9.* (Mavericks) or OS Sierra do not include the "sgf/" at the beginning of the server. It will not connect properly with it included.

    3. Name: this is something that you can choose yourself so that you recognize the printer. 


    Click  Click on the drop menu next to Use: and click Select Printer Software...


    You may also try using the "Generic PCL Printer" driver with some of the newer printers.

  10. In the window that loads, find the software closest to the model of your printer and click on it. Some commonly used printers are listed at the bottom of the page with their make and model. It does not have to be an exact match, but the closer the better. Once you have clicked on the desire software, click OK.

  11. The software you selected in the previous step should now be displayed with the other printer settings. Make sure you have typed everything correctly and then click Add.

  12. You will be presented with a list of features for your printer. You should select any that you would like to use. 

    Image Modified
  13. You are now connected the printer and it should remember the connection on your computer. 

Open Access Computer Lab Printers

Printer LocationPrinter NamePrint ServerPrinter Model
Cheek Hall 150OLAB-CHEK-0150-01smb://catfish.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet Enterprise M806
Cheek Hall 150OLAB-CHEK-0150-COLORsmb://catfish.missouristate.eduDell 5130cdn
Meyer Library 105OLAB-LIBR-0105-01smb://catfish.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet Enterprise M806
Meyer Library 105OLAB-LIBR-0105-COLORsmb://catfish.missouristate.eduDell c2660dn
Glass Hall 229OLAB-GLAS-0229-01smb://catfish.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet Enterprise M806
Glass Hall 229OLAB-GLAS-0229-COLORsmb://catfish.missouristate.eduHP Color LaserJet CP6015 

Other Commonly Used Printers

Printer LocationPrinter NamePrint ServerPrinter Model
Brick City 1301COAL-BRIK-1301-01


Dell 5350dn
Brick City 1330COAL-BRIK-1330-01smb://Catfish.missouristate.eduDell 5350dn
Brick City1346COAL-BRIK-1346-01smb://Catfish.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet 9050
Brick City 1346COAL-BRIK-1346-02smb://Catfish.missouristate.eduHP Color LaserJet CP6015
Ellis Hall 201COAL-ELLS-0201-01smb://Catfish.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet 9050
Hill Hall 305cCOE-HILL-0305c-01smb://Catfish.missouristate.eduDell 5130cdn
Hill Hall 305cCOE-HILL-0305c-02smb://Catfish.missouristate.eduHP Color LaserJet CP6015
Siceluff HallCOAL-SICL-0328-01smb://Catfish.missouristate.eduDell 5350dn


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