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To connect to a web folder, use the web address of the Content Collection folder and your BearPass Login and Password. This A shared location folder will allow you to access and add files to the Content Collection directly from your PC through WebDAV. When a web folder is set up, you can manage all the files for your course from your computer, dragging in content from multiple drives and folders and organizing it as needed. You can perform other actions on the files and folders in a web folder or shared location because the folder structure is visible and can be navigated. Also, you can edit a file directly in a web folder or shared location, without downloading it, editing it, and uploading it again. 

Table of Contents

You can complete the following actions using a web folder:

  • Upload files and folders
  • Browse the Content Collection
  • Open, view, and edit files
  • Create, move, copy, rename, and remove files and folders

Step-by-step guide

Setting up a

web folder

shared location

  1. In the Content Collection, click Set Up Web FolderShared Location on the menu bar of a folder. If you select the top-level folder of the Content Collection, you will have WebDAV access to all the folders. The web folder path must be less than 240 characters. Each folder selected has a different address.
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  2. Right-click and copy the URL that appears for Current Web address. You will paste the address later.
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  3. From the Start menu of your computer, select This PC. In the window that pops up, right-click in the empty space and select Add a network location.
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  4. When the Add Network Location Wizard appears, click Next.
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  5. Select Choose a custom network location and click Next.
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  6. Paste the address you copied in Step 2 into the field, then click Next.
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  7. Enter your Blackboard username and password (same as your BearPass Login and Password). Then click OK.
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  8. Type a name for the network place, click Next, and then click Finish. You may be prompted again for a username and password.

The web folder should now open.

Moving files to the web folder

  1. Locate the folder within the Web Folder that you want to add files to. Locate the files and folder on your computer that you want to transfer.
  2. With both folders open, drag-and-drop one or more files and folders between them. Or you can use copy and paste.
  3. In the Content Collection, click Refresh on the menu bar to view the uploaded files.
After you copy all files and folders, make sure to disconnect from the web folder. If you do not disconnect, the server will remain connected until the computer is shut down, and others may be able to access your files.

Instructions for file names

The characters that are acceptable in file names include:

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Period '.'
  • Underscore '_'

Spaces are converted to underscores '_'. Foreign characters, foreign symbols, and special characters are not allowed in file names.


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