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Additional Mediasite troubleshooting articles can be found at

Problem: Video does not play. 

titleSolution: Test Viewing Requirements

Use this URL to test viewing requirements:

  1. Check that you have on demand and live playback support.

  2. Check that your bandwidth correct. 

  3. Verify that you are using a supported browser and operating system.

Additional Mediasite troubleshooting articles can be found at

Problem: Video does not play when viewing Mediasite content in Chrome or Firefox.  When trying to play a Mediasite presentation in Chrome there is a puzzle piece in the video window. 



Click the Plug-in Blocked message in the address bar.  

Click on Run all plug-ins this time to temporarily allow Silverlight to run.  To permanently allow Silverlight to run on that site select Always allow plug-ins on [site name] and then click Done.


Click on Activate Silverlight.  Alternatively you can go to Settings > Extensions > Plugins, and select Always Activate for Silverlight.


Uncheck Tool Provider box.

There is a known issue for an error to occur if this box checked along with having text in the description box. Without the Tool Provider box checked, the videos will display as expected. The students will be prompted to log in (one time) but after that log in, the videos will play as normal. 

Problem: Your video in from Mediasite isn't playing.

  1. Verify you are using a supported platform to view the video. (See panel above)
  2. Verify you have activated plug-ins in Chrome and Firefox. (See panel above)
  3. Verify you have updated and activated the Silverlight plugin. (5.0 or later)
  4. If you are still unable to view your course video, contact the Help Desk to test the URL. 
  5. If the Help Desk is able to access the video, you may need to contact the Instructor. 

Problem: My Students say that the Link to my Mediasite content is producing an Outlook sign in screen.

titleSolution: Link Maintenance

If you copy/pasted your Mediasite link into Blackboard from Bearmail, there's a good chance the link was corrupted. We recommend the instructor launch the video through their browser and copy the url from the browser.

Problem: Error message "SAML 2 SSO profile is not configured for relying party."

titleSolution: Contact the Help Desk

This error occurs at/around June 11th of each year and is a reminder that the Mediasite server requires a new metadata for the Shibboleth SSO. The Help Desk will contact the Operations and Systems Shibboleth administrator if this is reported.

Problem: Error message "This version of Mediasite Desktop Recorder is incompatible with the version of Mediasite running on" 

Users may receive an error message when launching MyMediasite Desktop Recorder- This version of Mediasite Desktop Recorder is incompatible with the version of Mediasite running on This is because, while a redirect is in place for the new Mediasite cloud hosting, the previous on-premises server was an earlier version than the current server software running in the cloud.

titleSolution: Update Recorder Software

If this occurs, the user needs to update the recorder software and register it with the server.

  1. Click the “download page” link.

  2. A browser window will launch with 3 steps that need to be followed to update the MyMediasite desktop recorder. Keep the browser window with these 3 steps open until after the software is downloaded > installed > registered. If the window is closed they will not have the “register” button available in the last step. Once they do this, their recorder will be upgraded and registered with the cloud server. 

If a user gets a message saying their recorder could not be registered because their profile has not been validated (see message in lower corner of below), contact Eric Taylor, Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning at (417) 836-6075 to verify that their account is validated in the security settings of the server.


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