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This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information.

Mediasite is 24/7 on-demand streaming video used extensively for visual instructional content; instructional lectures, course welcome and instructor introductions, course navigation through Blackboard, and other rich media content.  Since Mediasite is an on-demand video, nothing is downloaded to the viewers computer or mobile device.  Mediasite videos incorporate Microsoft's Silverlight player as the viewing interface.  The Silverlight player is freely available for PC, Mac OS systems and a free Mediasite app is available for viewing on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.  Check the app source for your specific device.  Special thanks to Senior Instructor Lora Hobbs, Religious Studies Department, on the use of her REL 100 online course for the on-screen examples and the REL 100 Course Introduction video.

Depending on your course layout, learning objectives, and student assignments, Mediasite rich media content provides flexibility with a variety of delivery options for your instructional content.  This step-by-step guide will focus on the preferred best practice method of adding published Mediasite streaming media video links within your course structure.  Before adding your Mediasite links, provide a clear and obvious location for your instructional media with appropriate labeling where students can easily access the videos.  Mediasite rich media links may be added individually within weekly assignment folders or grouped together as the example below.  Whatever the course design, the key is providing clear navigation for the student to the instructional resource.

Step-by-step guide

  1.  Within your Blackboard course, navigate to your designated location for adding your published Mediasite lecture/media.
  2. Since you'll be editing contents of the course, ensure the course "Edit Mode" is turned "On".  The Edit Mode toggle on button is located in the upper right hand of the Black Board course environment.
  3. With "Edit Mode" on, locate the area or page you wish to add the video link. In this example, all the Mediasite lecture videos are located in the folder labeled "Lectures". Select the appropriate sub-folder or location to add the Mediasite link.

  4. Open the folder within your designated location. In this example, the folder "Online Lectures for Unit 1" lists all the Mediasite links in appropriate order.

  5. Within the "Online Lectures for Unit 1" folder, under "Build Content" tab, select the "Web Link" option under the "Create" header.
  6. Within the "Create Web Link" page, enter the appropriate title for the video content or lecture.  Copy and paste the complete Mediasite URL string into the "URL" field. 
    NOTE: Care should be given that the lengthy Mediasite URL is copied complete without any breaks or blanks within the URL string. Spaces will null the link and prompt an "Page not found" error.  
    Another option is to launch your Mediasite lecture/media with your web browser and copy the Mediasite URL from the top browser window.

    Option: You can add text within the "Description" field, for clarity or additional information or instruction.
    By default, "WEB LINK OPTIONS" should pre-select the "Open in New Window".  If not, select that option to ensure your Mediasite video opens in a new window within the Blackboard course. This option provides greater navigation flexibility for the viewer within Blackboard.

  7. Select "Submit" to complete adding the Mediasite URL web link.
  8. The new Mediasite link and "Web Link" icon is initially placed at the bottom of the selected page.
  9. Edit the new Mediasite link location by dragging to desired order on the designated page.
  10. The new Mediasite video link is now accessible and ready for on-demand viewing.
    NOTE: Mediasite video links are protected through the Missouri State University 's Active Directory system security where only university students, faculty, and staff may access.  Consequently, students may be prompted to login on their first experience with Mediasite streaming video.  Once prompted, their Missouri State University credentials (BearPass ID & password) will provide access to view the Mediasite video. Subsequent requests to view Mediasite media is usually satisfied through selecting the "Remember me on this computer" check box at the prompt.

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