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As of June 2019, Missouri State University no longer licenses Adobe Connect. If faculty need assistance retrieving materials stored within Connect, please complete our form for assistance or contact Alan Roland


This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information

Table of Contents

Problem - I cannot get into the meeting room

I am having trouble joining a meeting.

  1. Enter the meeting as a Guest user by entering in your First and Last Name in the Guest field.
  2. Click the Help link on the Meeting Login page. This takes you to the Test Meeting Connection page where you can verify that your computer meets all necessary requirements. If you do not pass the test you will be given instructions for what you need to do.
  3. Make sure popup blocking software is not blocking your meeting window.
  4. You may be using a proxy server. To resolve this in Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab. Then enable the setting Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections. After doing this, clear your cookies, close all browser windows and attempt to re-enter the meeting.

Problem - I cannot hear any audio

I can't hear any audio from my computer.

  1. Verify that your computer speakers are on and your computer’s volume is at an audible level.

  2. Check to see if the meeting host has provided teleconference information. If this is the case, you need to dial in via telephone to hear meeting audio.

Problem - I have been granted rights to speak, but no one can hear me

I am having trouble sharing my voice.

  1. Make sure your computer microphone is not muted.

  2. Run through the Audio Setup Wizard. To do this, select Meeting> Audio Setup Wizard. The wizard guides you through five steps in which your computer is tuned for optimal VoIP.

  3. You may have elected to deny the Flash Player access to your computer’s microphone. To verify this, right click in the meeting window and choose Settings   to view your Flash Player settings. In the dialog box, choose Allow.

Problem - The host is sharing their screen, but it is fuzzy 

I am having trouble seeing a host's screen.

  1. Click the Full Screen button on the top of the Share pod.
  2. View the full resolution by using the pod options menu in the top right hand corner of the pod to select Change View > Zoom In.

Problem - Chrome Issue

Google Chrome is incompatible with Adobe Connect Add-in. The default Flash Plug-in settings, since Google Chrome browser version 21 (Windows) and version 23 (Mac OS), prevent the Adobe Connect Add-In from launching. Chrome browser previously shipped with only the NPAPI Flash plug-in, which is compatible with the Add-in. However, Chrome version 21 (Windows) and Chrome 23 (Mac OS) has a new PPAPI (Pepper) Flash plug-in, which is the default. The PPAPI Flash plug-in is not compatible with the Add-in. On Windows, Chrome stopped including the NPAPI Flash plug-in since version 22.


You can attend Adobe Connect Meetings without the Add-in. However, the Add-in is required for functionality like screen sharing and making offline recordings. While Adobe works on a solution, use the workaround below or use a different supported browser for your Adobe Connect Meetings if Add-in–specific functionality is required.

See Chrome issue page for more information.

Problem - Adobe Connect Add-in support for Mac OS X Lion

A new Mac OS version of Adobe Connect Add-in is now available with official support for Lion operating system (10.7.2). The version of the new Mac Add-in is


The Add-in is not required to participate in a Adobe Connect Meeting Room. The Add-in offers additional features for Meeting Hosts and Presenters only, such as sharing screens and enhanced audio support. The new Add-in will be forced for all Mac OS users in the upcoming Connect 8.2.1 release (January 2012). Adobe recommends that Mac OS in a locked-down environment download and install the new Add-in in preparation for the upcoming release. The new Add-in has been tested with Connect 8.1 and later versions. It's necessary that Lion users are on 10.7.2 (and not 10.7 or 10.7.1) to use the new Add-in.

See steps to download and install the Add-in.

Problem - Install Adobe Presenter 7 for use with Office 2010

Support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is available in Adobe Presenter 7.0.6 patch.


This article explains how to install the patch for stand-alone Adobe Presenter installations, and Adobe Presenter installed as part of Adobe eLearning Suite 2.0.

See instructions to install the Adobe Presenter 7.0.6 patch.

Problem - Best Practices for sharing PPTX files

Please use the best practices listed below when sharing PPTX files in Adobe Connect. Please note that these are not required for sharing PPT files.


PPTX files can be uploaded either directly to a Share Pod in an Adobe Connect Meeting or they can be uploaded to the Adobe Connect Content library.

See points for sharing directly from the computer in an Adobe Connect Meeting Room.


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