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  1. How do I access the fee waiver system?
    Log onto
    Employment Details
    Fee Waiver

  2. Is there a deadline for submitting a fee waiver request?
    You can request a fee waiver up until the end of the term in which classes are taken.
    Fee waivers will NOT be processed for previous terms.

  3. I want to use the waiver for my child, spouse, sponsored dependent.
    If this is the first time using the system you will need to add them
    as a recipient in the system. You will need their bear pass “m” number
    to add them.

  4. When will my fee waiver and applicable fees be processed?
    After the first week of class.

  5. What if I dropped a class or cancelled and want to use that fee waiver again?
    You’ll receive an email stating the class was dropped or cancelled and that
    will let you know you can use the waiver again. You can check the current balance screen to see the hour(s) added back on.

  6. I got my bill and there was a finance charge. What do I do?
    There will be a small window of approximately one week to make your payment before the new billing is issued. Tuition payments made prior to the second billing will be deducted from the bill  to determine the amount due to the University.

  7. I’m trying to complete a fee waiver for my student/child but the system said they need to complete a “fee waiver FERPA request. What do I do?
    **First make sure the student/child is added as a recipient.** 
      Then follow these instructions to send them an email on signing the FERPA. 
       At the bottom of  the Current Balance screen,
       Click on the Send Email link next to the student/child name


    The student, your child can to go out to the electronic contract
    page and simply check that the release is signed.

    Have the student log into the MyMIssouristate portal
    Access the Profile tab

    Click Online Agreements
    Scroll down to Fee Waiver FERPA Agreement
    Click on Agreement

     Note: Greenwood students do not have to complete a release. Proceed to new request.

  8. I’m retired (Emeritus) and want to use the fee waiver for my spouse or children. This wasn’t a problem on the old system. The new system doesn’t give me an option on the pull down menu. What do I do?
    You’ll need to add the spouse and or children as recipients first.The recipients of retired spouses and children weren't carried over on the new system. 

  9. I’m a Per Course Instructor at the Springfield Campus. Can I use the fee waiver?

    Per Course Instructors are not eligible for the fee waiver.

  10. Does the fee waiver cover MSU’s cooperative program with the University of Missouri Columbia and Missouri University of Science and Technology.  

    Yes, it does.

  11. New employee starts work on October 1st. The new employee’s dependent child started classes on August 18. Is the new employee eligible to use the fee waiver?

    No, the employee handbook states that in order for the University to pay the required student fee, employees must be employed by the University prior to the start of the semester for which they have enrolled and intend to use the fee waiver benefit.

  12. Are part-time employees whose status changes to full time during the semester eligible for the fee waiver?

    No, they would have to be full time at the beginning of the semester.

  13. Does the fee waiver cover the SOAR program?


  14. When are intersession classes paid?

    They are posted after the first week of classes. For example, if classes start on Monday, the payment will be posted on the Friday of the same week.

  15. If an individual is a retired staff/faculty and is a dual credit instructor are they eligible to use both benefits for themselves? 

    Yes, the total hours for themselves would be 8 (5 per term for retired staff/faculty and 3 per academic year for dual credit)



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