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Currently, Missouri State University has a small pool of SPSS licenses for "At-Home" usage of the software. These licenses are given out on a first come, first served basis by Student Computing. Any questions about SPSS 24 licenses, installation, or usage can be directed to the Service Desk at, or 417-836-5891. 


This guide is for Faculty/Staff trying to download "At-Home" SPSS licenses for personal machines only.

If it is a university owned machine, then should contact supports staff for their college/area (DUSS, for academic area faculty/staff; the Service Desk for administrative areas) as university-machines do not qualify for the “At-Home” license codes. The support personnel will install the software from VERTIGO and then do a concurrent authorization of the license that points to MAYNARD.

Students should click here to get a copy of SPSS.

"At-Home" Licensing

At-Home licenses are for personal machines where the software is being used for Teaching/Academic Coursework, or to assist with research that will be freely published in an academic journal. Qualifying faculty/staff members should contact to receive a license code for SPSS and a download link from which they can obtain the software.

Step-by-step guides

Downloading SPSS

After you have contacted Student Computing and have been given access to the SPSS 24 media, you will need to download the correct version per the Operating System that you are using. "At-Home" SPSS 24 versions come in three flavors: SPSS 24 for Macintosh, SPSS 24 for Windows 32-bit, and SPSS 24 for Windows 64 bit.

  1. Choose the link for the appropriate version of the Operating System you are running once you have received the confirmation email from The link will open in your default browser.
  2. Type in your BearPass ID and password into the prompt, and hit Log In.

  3. See the instructions in the following sections to begin the installation once the download is complete. Depending on your current desktop settings, your SPSS installation files will most likely be saved automatically under your Downloads folder on either Mac or Windows.

Installing SPSS for Windows

Once the SPSS media has been downloaded, you will need to unpack the items in the downloaded .ZIP file, and then begin the installation.

  1. Locate the downloaded .ZIP file, as referenced in Downloading SPSS.
  2. Right-click on the downloaded .ZIP file and choose Extract All from the menu.
  3. Choose the location where you want to unpack the .ZIP contents. The location will default to the same folder that the media was first downloaded to. Then click Extract.

  4. Open the newly created folder after the media has finished unpacking, locate IBM SPSS Statistics 24.exe and double-click. This will begin the installation.

  5. Select Authorized user license and click Next on the first dialogue page.

  6. Accept the first license agreement and click Next

  7. Enter your User name and Organization, then click Next.

  8. Choose any language versions that you want to install (English is default and not optional), and click Next.

  9. Click Yes if you are a JAWS user to install and setup screen reading. Otherwise choose No, and then click Next.

  10. Select Yes if you want to install the Essentials for Python redistributable, otherwise select No and click Next.

  11. Accept the license agreement if you selected to install Python on the previous step. 

  12. Accept the second SPSS license agreement and click Next.

  13. Click Change to change the install location of SPSS, or accept the default install location, and click Next.

  14. Click Install to install SPSS 24.

  15. Upon installation, you will receive notice that the install is complete, and then another notice stating that a reboot is required. 

Installing SPSS for Mac

  1. Open the downloaded installer package from Downloading SPSS.

  2. Double-click SPSS_Statistics_Installer.

  3. Click Open at the security warning telling you it's a program downloaded from the internet.

  4. Authenticate the install by signing in with your computer's administrator credentials.

  5. Select your language, and click OK.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Choose Authorized user license and click Next.

  8. Accept the Software License Agreement and click Next.

  9. Enter Your Name for the User Name and Missouri State University for the Organization. Click Next.

  10. Select any additional languages you might need for the Help menu and click Next.

  11. Select No for installing Essential for Python and click Next.

  12. Choose your install location or simply use the Default and click Next.

  13. Click Install at the summary screen.

  14. Click Done.

Licensing SPSS 24 (Authorized User Licensing)

Once SPSS 24 is installed, you must complete the following steps to update the SPSS license.

  1. Open the Start menu (Windows) or Applications folder (Mac) after installation and a reboot, and search for IBM SPSS Statistics 24 License Authorization Wizard. The Application Wizard can also be found by clicking LAW.exe in the SPSS installation folder.
  2. Click on the authorization wizard listing, and the following screen will open. Click Next.

  3. Choose License my product now, and click Next

  4. Enter the Authorization Code as provided by Student Computing via email, and then click Next

  5. Click Next after the authorization wizard contacts IBM to associate the given Authorization Code with your computer.

  6. Click Finish when you see a notice stating that the license has been applied. You can now start the main SPSS23 program from the Start menu.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk