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This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base for the most updated information.

This guide will walk you through the process of downloading, installing, and activating Microsoft Project and or Microsoft Visio 2016/2019. Please substitute the names of the product as applicable to the desired software.

Accessing The Software

Active students enrolled in a current TCM/CIS/CSC course will have access to this software. If you find you do not have access to it, please ensure the course is currently in progress.

Please ensure you have the same version of Office365 installed, or Project/Visio will not run. Feel free to contact us for assistance if you are unsure if your version is compatible.

  1. Navigate to ""
  2. Click Sign In and sign in with your (Staff use

  3. Accept Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

    Software Availability

    Some users have reported that they are unable to view the software immediately after signing in.

    Please wait 24 hours between signing in for the software to appear in the Microsoft Dev Tools for Teaching portal.

  4. Search for Project Professional 2016/2019 (or Visio Professional 2016/2019)If the search is not does not return results, you may have to scroll down to the software listing.

    Before you click "download," make sure you click "view product key" and save the product code in a secure location, you will need it later.

  5. Click "download" to begin a download of the software.

  6. Follow the steps to download and install Project Professional 2016/2019 (or Visio Professional 2016/2019).
  7. When prompted during installation, please use the product key provided in your My Account/Orders section to activate the software. 

    Activation Issues

    If you have immediately downloaded and activated another piece of software before this, you may find you are unable to activate the new software. Please wait 24h between software activations.

    If you find you receive an error during activation, please email a detailed description of the issue, and any relevant screenshots to

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk