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Send all dates to The Office of the Registrar to build the parts of term before starting.

Step-by-step guide

Course Section Information

  1. Open SSASECT.
  2. In the term field, enter the term you are building the class for.
    1. For spring classes, the year is followed by 20
    2. For summer classes, the year is followed by 30
    3. For spring classes, the year is followed by 40
  3. Click on "Create CRN."
  4. In the "Subject" field, enter the 3 letter code for the class. (Ex. FIN, QBA, ACC, MKT, CIS)
  5. Tab to the "Course Number" field, enter the 3 digit number for the class.
  6. Tab to the "Section" field. Notice that the "Title" field is filled from the catalog. Enter the section number.
  7. Tab to the "Campus" field. Enter "Y." This code means that the class will be held on the Springfield campus, but students will not get charged student services fees.
  8. Tab to "Status." Enter "A" for active.
  9. Tab to "Schedule Type" field. Enter "LEC" for lecture.
  10. Tab. Notice that the "Instructional Method" field fills with "TRAD" for traditional.
  11. Tab to "Part of Term" and click on the drop down box.
  12. Scroll through the list until you find the parts of term that start with "B." These are the part of term that are created especially for the EMBA program by The Office of the Registrar. 
  13. Click on the dates that match the length of time for the course.
  14. Click "OK."
  15. In the field below "Credit Hours" field, enter the number of credit hours. It is listed on the first line.
  16. Tab to the field below "Billing Hours." Fill in the same number you entered for "Credit Hours."
  17. At the bottom, click on the checkbox next to "Tuition and Fee Waiver.
  18. Save. You now have a CRN. The screen should look similar to this:
  19. Click on "Options" and choose "Course Section Comments."
  20. Next block two times to get to the "Section Long Text" field.
  21. In the "Section Long Text" field, enter "For EMBA students only."
  22. Save and close to return to the "Course Section Information" page.

Enrollment and Reserved Seats

  1. Click on the "Section Enrollment Information" tab.
  2. In the "Maximum" field, enter the number of seats in the class. This is typically set to "40."
  3. Save.
  4. Click on the "Reserved Seats" tab. This is what keeps other students from registering in these classes.
  5. In the "Reserved Maximum" on the first line, enter 0.
  6. Arrow down to the second line. In the "Program" field, enter "BUAE-MBA."
  7. Click the drop down on the "Curricula" field. Choose "Any."
  8. Click the checkbox next to "Overflow."
  9. In the "Reserved Maximum" field, enter the number you entered in step 2. (this example used 40)
  10. Save. The screen should look like this:

Meeting Times and Instructors

  1. Click on the "Meeting Times and Instructors" tab.
  2. Press "Tab" two times. The term start and end dates will populate based on the part of term that is chosen on the "Course Section Information" tab.
  3. Click the days of the week the class will meet.
  4. In the "Start Time" field, enter the time the class will start. Times are recorded in 24 hour military time. (9:00 a.m. is 0900. 1:00 p.m. is 1300)
  5. Tab to the "End Time" field. Enter the time the class will end. This is also 24 hour military time.
  6. Save. 
  7. Click on the "Meeting Location and Credits" tab.
  8. In the "Building" field, enter the four letter code for the building. (GLAS)
  9. In the "Room" field, enter the room number. This must be four digits. (instead of room 112, enter room 0112)
  10. Save.
  11. Next block to get to the "Instructor" section.
  12. Click on the drop down under "ID." This will bring up a search page.
  13. In the "Last Name" field, enter the instructor's last name. This field is case sensitive.
  14. In the "First Name" field, enter the instructor's first name. This field is case sensitive as well. If the first name is now known, it can be left blank.
  15. Click on "Query" and choose "Execute." This will bring back results for all the people who meet the entered criteria. 
  16. Double click on the ID number of the correct instructor. This will return your selection to the Instructor page.
  17. Save.




For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk

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