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Step-by-step guide

  1. As a Participant to an Adobe Connect meeting you will receive an email with the Adobe Connect link to access the meeting. Otherwise the URL will look like "".

  2. Go to the following link to test your computer's system setup: Using the Adobe Connect diagnostic testing application.
  3. Login with your credentials. Otherwise, as a Participant you will choose the option Enter as a Guest. Type your full name and click Enter Room.


  4. Once, in the room, The Host will first promote your role by hovering over your name and click Make Presenter. Both your Microphone and Video will appear allowing to share your Audio and Video.

  5. Initially the only icons you will have are a Speaker and Set Status icon. Once the host promotes you to a Presenter role, you will see icons for microphone and video appear. Click on the drop down arrow next to the microphone icon and click Connect My Audio. (You may not have to do this step, if you see the window pop-up that you see in the next picture). Both icons will change color from gray to green to indicate they have been enabled.

  6. Click Allow.

  7.  Click the drop down arrow and choose Start My Webcam.

  8. Your video will start but only seen by you. Click the button Start Sharing to allow Host, Presenters, and other participants to see you.

  9. The microphone and the webcam icons will be green if you are connected properly.

  10. If you experience a problem with the audio, go to the Audio Setup Wizard (Meetings > Audio Setup Wizard) to make sure your computer is set up correctly. If you need further assistance with this step, visit our Audio Wizard Setup guide.

  11. If your computer has problems connecting with the video, click on the Pod options button in the Camera and Voice pod to Select Camera.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk