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Presentation Materials can be viewed here:  It contains all useful web tools and examples.

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Interesting tools

1. LiveBinders: 

  • Portfolio binder presentations
  • Ability to compile and present information from various website in the binder (tab) format
  • Sub-binders (tabs) can be added.
  • It is still “Beta”.
  • Using “Presentation view” will show the binders in full screen.
  • Students can use to present their web research from the scavenger hunt activity.
  • Teachers can use it to create their teacher manual or handbook for teaching and substitute.

2. Wolfram (computational, knowledge engine):

  • Pretty much for problem-solving and solutions finding in STEM subject (especially Math)
  • Enter math problem in search engine and it will show the results and more information about that particular subject.
  • See examples for more info:

3. Socrative:

  • Smart Student Response System
  • Teachers can quickly and easily create quizzes, games, and “Exit Tickets” to engage students in learning.  Exit tickets can be used as a learning check, formative assessment, or tool to promote students’ self-regulated learning.
  • Similar to PollEverywere, except that participants need to use web enabled devices (going to the website) to submit their responses.  Responses cannot be submitted via SMS (PollEverywhere allows SMS responses.)
  • Auto-graded reports feature is the useful feature to do formative assessment in the lab class without having to require students to purchase Student Response System such as clickers.


Session 1: Meet CourseSites – Free “Baby” BlackBoardTM



  • Free BlackBoard (v. 8) LMS for educators.
  • Educators can create as many courses as they wish, HOWEVER only 5 (five) courses can be active (using) at the same time.
  •  Useful features, copied from PPT
    • Several features available only to CourseSites:
      • Ability to Login using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Windows Live, or Yahoo
      • Top Navigation Ribbon
      • Instructor Homepage
      • Course Creation Wizard with structure and theme choices
      • Course Invitations
  • Question and concern
    • Teachers may need to consult with the admin or legal personnel to find out whether or not it is acceptable to allow student’s information (first name, last name, ID, email, etc.) and how much information to be stored in the LMS that is not managed by the district.


Session 2: Managing iPads in a School District

iPhone Configuration Utility (available for Mac and PC)



  • Ability to easily create, maintain, encrypt, and install configuration profiles, track and install provisioning profiles and authorized applications, and capture device information including console logs”
  • Creating one profile and sync it to every device either one-by-one or multiple devices at one time via syncing cart
  • When adding new app or changing configuration, we still need to re-sync all devices.  This may not be a concern if we only have few devices. When dealing with many devices, this process can be cumbersome and time consuming.
  • Tablet asset management system may be required to help the system administrator or IT to manage vast number of devices.
  • Recommended management software is from “Absolute Software

Absolute Manage Mobile Device Management (MDM)


  • ~ $8 per device
  • Can be used to manage both Android and iOS (not sure about Black Berry)
  • MDM software can be installed in both PC or Mac
  • Need to install Absolute app on all mobile devices
  • MDM software can manage app or configuration (add, remove, block, location tracking, enable, disable feature, etc.) remotely from your computer.
  • Similar to active directory, but this one is done over the wireless.  Absolute app on the device will consistently communicate with Absolute sever and sync the changes.

    For example, when removing App Store access from all students’ iPad (done on the computer), when the iPad is connected to the Internet, it will communicate with the Absolute server to see if there is any change required.  It will see that we removed App Store access from the configuration, it will then perform the App Store removal automatically.

  • Cool features!!
    • Track Lat and Long information of each device.  Everytime the device is connected to the Internet, the server will record the location information.  When using the wireless Internet, the location is not as accurate as when using GPS.
    • Enable and disable App Store.
    • Install new App whenever needed.
    • Disable wireless capability automatically when the device has been jailbroken.
    • Running inventory and checking to see how many devices have been out of warranty and are due for replacement.  The system admin can easily run report based on the queries s/he would like to see.
  • Loophole / concerns
    • Students can reformat the device (remove the Absolute app) and we will never be able to track that device again.
    • Student’s privacy (Lat. and long information)????
    • Who will be responsible to manage the devices and is it worth for small number of devices?


Session 3: Blended Learning and the 21st Century Classroom

  • The use of Google Chromebook with built-in 3G ( ) to promote blended learning is part of a federal Title II.D grant at Buffalo High School
  • Introducing The Chromebook:   
  • The purchase price is ~$299 with free 100 MB data service for 2 years from Verizon.
  • The reasons for purchasing the Chromebook are that:
    • some students may not have the Internet access at home.  Chromebook uses Verizon 3G wireless which has wider coverage.  Therefore, it can allow students to have access to the web from home without having to have the Internet service.
    • most of the assignments may not required software and there are already plenty of web productivity tools that allow students to complete the assignment.
  • Students were given an opportunity to take Chromebook home as part of blended learning activities.
  • With the limited of 100 MB of data per month, teachers need to be cautious when assigning works for students to do at home.  Video streaming may not be recommended when using 3G wireless.  However, when students are in the area that has Internet wireless (such as at school), they may switch to the Wi-Fi mode and enjoy the streaming videos without using up the data plan.
  • Some teachers figured out the way to control access on the device such as allowing students to access to certain websites.
  • Some useful web tools


Session 4: Google earth: Advanced

  • The use of different layers (display feature) in Google Earth to teach students in various subject (self-made tours) and to cover broader standards
    • Animal Tracking can be used to encourage students to study and research about the Whale habitat and learn more from looking at how it travels all around the gulf coast (see picture).

    • Explore the Ocean can be used to allow students to research about life in the ocean.  They can study about animals in different gulf coasts or continents and share their findings.

  • The use of different toolbars
    • Show historical imaginary can be used to trigger students’ curiosity to investigate about the historical changes of the areas, cities, countries, continents, states, or etc.

    • Ruler can allow students to practice the distance measurement and mathematics.

  • Additional Tools can be used to pique students’ interest in other subjects such as Astronomy
    • Google Mars
    • Google Sky
    • Google Moon




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