The Experts Documentation wiki has like buttons on every page, blog post, and comment. If enough people like a page or post, it will show on the dashboard's 'Popular' tab. The information in the 'Recommended Updates' email message is based on the number of people who have liked the content.

Liking a page, blog post or comment

Click the Like button to let people know that you agree with or enjoy a page, blog post, or comment. Click Unlike to remove your name from the list of people who like the content.

You can also see:

  • Up to three names of people in your network who have most recently liked the content.
  • A link showing the number of people how have liked the comment. Click the link to see the names. At the top of the list are people in your network, sorted with the most recent likes first. Then follow other people, also sorted chronologically with the most recent first.

Effects of liking content

When you like a page, blog post, or comment:

  • The author of the content receives a notification.
  • People in your network receive a notification. They will receive the notification only if they do not already know about the content. Let's assume Arthur is in your network. Arthur will not  receive a notification if:
    • Someone else in his network has already liked the content.
    • Arthur himself has already liked the content.
    • Arthur has already commented on it.
    • In the case of a threaded comment, Arthur has already replied to the comment.
  • If enough people like the content, it will appear on the 'Popular' tab of the dashboard.
  • Similarly, if the content is popular enough, it will appear in the 'Recommended Updates' summary sent out by email.

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