If you are a Space Administrator you can control who has access to your space. There are two levels: Space permissions and page restrictions.

Step-by-step guides

Space permissions

Space permissions can be set on an individual, group, or anonymous basis. 

  1. At the bottom-right corner of any page in the space, click Space Tools > Permissions.

  2. Change what certain people see by clicking Edit Permissions. You can change the permissions of a Group, an Individual User, or for those not signed into Experts (Anonymous).

    Users must have an Experts account to be available to add for permissions or restrictions. If you do not see the name of the person you wish to add, contact helpdesk@missouristate.edu with the user's name, BearPass ID, and email address to request an Experts account. Their name should then be available in the system.

    If you wish the space to be viewed by anyone inside or outside of the University, the Anonymous Access should be edited to allow “View”. If only University users should be able to view (by logging in with their BearPass ID), then the Groups permissions should be edited to include “confluence-users”.

Page restrictions

‘View’ and ‘Edit’ Restrictions can also be placed on specific pages if some information needs to be locked down even further. Page restrictions can be set at the individual level and/or at the group level. Restrictions set on a parent page are carried through to any child pages created.

  1. Navigate to the page you want to set restrictions on. 
  2. In the edit menu on the upper right, click Tools > Restrictions.

  3. In the Page Restrictions window that pops up, enter the users you want to view or edit the page. Anyone other than these users will not have access. Click Save. 

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