West Plains Child and Family Development

To comply with both Missouri State University-West Plains and Missouri Department of Health requirements, the Child and Family Development department tracks documents required for enrollment in courses with a laboratory component:

  • CFD 160 Principles of Development in Early Childhood
  • CFD 255 Principles of Development in Infancy
  • CFD 260 Supervised Experience in the Child Development Laboratories
  • CFD 297 Internship in Planning and Implementing Curriculum for Child Development Centers

All information shown below must be submitted and approved prior to enrollment in any laboratory component course. Failure to submit these items will result in a delay in registering for classes!

What is required (see How to Submit Documents)?

Step 1: Complete and return the following forms:

  • Form A (Laboratory Participation Agreement)
  • Form B (Missouri Accreditation Educational Requirement-Learning Tree)
  • Form C (Missouri Accreditation Educational Requirement-Tadpoles)
  • Form D (Transcript Authorization)
  • From E (MoVECHS Waiver Agreement)
  • Form F (Family Care Safety Registry) AND a copy of student's social security card or proof of prior registration in the Family Care Safety Registry
  • Form G (Lab Site Request)
  • Form H (Ethical Conduct and Professional Disposition Agreement)

Step 2: Complete the following tasks:

  • Task A (Professional Liability Insurance)-MSU student fees cover the cost for one year.  The student assumes the cost of insurance beyond the first calendar year.
  • Task B  (MoVECH's Background Screening)  
    • Complete the Missouri Highway Patrol and Missouri Volunteer and Employee Criminal History Service (MACHS/MoVECHS) Fingerprint Background Screening

    • A registration fee exists, a record of arrest and prosecution will be sent to the University, a photograph and digital fingerprinting is required.

    • Review the instructions for registering with the Missouri Highway Patrol's Missouri Automated Criminal History Search (MACHS).

    • Register with the Missouri Highway Patrol's Missouri Automated Criminal History Search (MACHS). Go to http://www.MACHS.mo.gov  to complete the registration process.

      1. Be sure to review this process carefully and indicate that you are registering as a volunteer (otherwise you will have to redo the process - at an additional cost.
        • Log-on to www.machs.mo.gov
        • Click on the "blue box" Click here to register with the fingerprint portal
        • Click on the "blue box" Click here to register with MACHS
        • Enter the 4-digit registration number provided by your agency. Click "enter".
        • Enter your personal information in the appropriate fields and proceed through the registration process.
        • Near the end of the registration, you will be asked to verify all personal data and agency information before proceeding. If all information is accurate and compete, click "complete registration." This will redirect you to IDEMIA's website for further instruction.
        • Please note your Transaction Control Number (TCN) for future reference.
        • Email and/or phone number, and Date of Birth will be required at the fingerprint vendor location to search for your registration transaction.
  • Task C (Medical Examination Report)  
    • Have a physician or registered nurse complete this form
    • As a student Urgent Care in West Plains will complete the form at no cost. 
    • Be sure to indicate that you are a Missouri State University CFD student.
  • Task D (Tuberculin Skin Test) 
    • Obtain a TB Skin Test (see Health Department contacts) The TB risk assessment form does NOT meet this requirement or
    • Obtain a Chest X-Ray verifying negative TB status or
    • If pregnant submit a doctor's note indicating inability to obtain TB Skin Test

Students should retain a copy of all documents for their personal records.

Family Care Safety Registry

Missouri State University-West Plains requires students who enroll in laboratory component courses to be registered with the Missouri Department of Health's Family Care Safety Registry.

  • There is a one-time fee for registering with this agency. Students enrolled in CFD 160 pay a student fee to cover the cost of registration. If a student takes another laboratory course (i.e. CFD 255) before CFD 160 the student must pay the cost of registration.
  • Results are valid for one calendar year
  • Complete Form G Family Care Safety Registry and submit it with a copy of your social security card. If you are already registered go to [http://health.mo.gov/safety/fcsr/ and print proof of registration.
  • Processing your registration will take a few weeks
  • You must be re-screened annually at no additional cost


Additional MoVechs and MACHS links:

Noncriminal Justice Applicant's Privacy Rights


What if there is a finding on the Missouri Volunteer and Employee Criminal History Service (MoVECHS)?

See the Appeal Process.

Appeal Process

The following procedures must be completed for students who have a finding on the Family Care Safety Registry and/or Missouri Volunteer and Employee Criminal History Service (MoVECHS). 

The process completed in the Office of Student Services is completely independent of any process required by the Child and Family Development department. In some cases, a student may need to also complete a separate process with other departments or Offices on campus.

STEP 1: Review of Findings

STEP 2:  Notification

STEP 3:  Meeting with student and department head or their designee

STEP 4:  Meeting of the Child and Family Development (CFD) Background Screening Committee

  1. The student is approved for laboratory component participation pending successful sponsorship and approval by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, if required, full disclosure and approval by the laboratory site must be obtained to participate in their setting. Please note that approval by Missouri State University-West Plains does not guarantee approval by the Missouri Department of Health and/or the laboratory site. In addition, no University official shall be permitted to sponsor a student for the Missouri Department of Health approval process.
  2. The student is denied participation in laboratory component courses at Missouri State University-West Plains.

STEP 5:  Follow-Up Notification and Documentation

What if there is a finding on the Missouri Volunteer and Employee Criminal History Service (MoVECHS)?

See the Appeal Process.

Medical Examination

Students must have the Medical Examination Report for Caregivers and Staff completed by a Physician or Registered Nurse under the supervision of a Physician.

Missouri State University-West Plains students have access to area clinics where the report can be completed at no charge. In addition, if you have visited a family doctor recently they will sometimes complete the form for you at no charge.

Negative Tuberculin Skin Test or Chest X-Ray

Proof of a negative tuberculin skin test or chest x-ray is required for participation in the laboratory site. Results are valid for one calendar year and students must renew the test annually during semesters they are enrolled in laboratory component courses.

To complete the tuberculin skin test or chest x-ray schedule an appointment with your local health department or health care provider. Results can be recorded by a medical professional on the Medical Examination Report for Caregivers and Staff  or can be submitted on a separate form provided by the health department or your health care provider.

MOA Program Education Form

Complete the top portion of the MOA Program Education Form by entering your name, signing and dating the form, and including the following information.

Program Name:

Program Address:

State Vendor Number (DVN):

Position Listed on the Staff Roster:

Under Education, check the box labeled "Transcript from an accredited College or University"

Submit the form following the instructions on the right side of this page. DO NOT mail it to the address shown on the form.

Howell County Health Department
180 S. Kentucky Street
West Plains, MO 65775 US

Oregon County Health Department
4th and Market Street
Alton, MO 65606

Texas County Health Department
950 North Highway 63
Houston, MO  65483

Douglas County Health Department
603 N.W. 12th Avenue
Ava, MO  65608

Ozark County Health Department
304 Third Street
Gainesville, MO 65655

Wright County Health Departments:

  1. Mountain Grove Office610 East State Street
  2. Mountain Grove, MO  65711

2. Hartville Office
203 South Main
Hartville, MO  65667