Class lists can be downloaded into HTML, Excel, or CSV files from the My Missouri State website. This page also includes a web form to email all of the students in your class.

  1. Sign in to My Missouri State, and then click the Teaching and Advising tab.

  2. You will see two portlets where you can see your Class Lists.

    1. The Class Lists under Faculty Services gives options to email individual students or the entire class. You can also download your class list from this link for several purposes, like to print attendance rosters, grading rosters, or to view album of student photos. 

    2. The Class List in the Faculty Dashboard will also give you option to email individual students or the entire class. From this link, you can also get detailed information on the students, such as phone number, address, admit term, current program, college, and major. 

Faculty Services portlet

  1. Click the Class Lists link in the Faculty Services portlet

  2. Select your term, then click Submit,. 

  3. Click on the course name. 

  4. From this page, you can see a list of students, a link to email each student individually, or to email all students on the list. You can also see the grades that have been assigned to each student. 

  5. The bottom of the page provides multiple options for viewing and saving the class list in Excel, HTML, or CSV versions, including a photo roster you can view or print. 

Faculty Dashboard

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