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This page displays Current Benefits, any fee waiver requests pending approval, as well as those that have been applied. Also at the very bottom of the page is a listing of any Recipients you currently have in the system.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click Current Balance

  2. You should see a screen like the below - full view 

  3. This block displays an overview depending on the requester i.e Full Time Employee,
    West Plains Per Course, or Retired Faculty.

  4. This block displays pending or soon to be applied requests. To make a change, click on the link under the Type column.

  5. Click Springfield Credit Hours

    To make a change, type the applicable change in the Requested Hours field, then click Submit Change to hours.

  6. To cancel, click Cancel this Fee Waiver Request

  7. This block represents any benefits that have been processed and applied. The type, semester, number of hours, classes being paid for, dollar amount for that class, and the recipient of the benefit.

  8. This is simply another block of the recipients you have loaded/created in the system.


  9. Send Email allows you to email the recipient of the benefit, that in order for you to be able to assign your Fee Waiver hours to them, a limited agreement will need to be signed by them. The email will go directly to the recipient selected.

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