When you are having Adobe software deployed to your Mac, there are some steps you must take first so that Computer Services can properly deploy the software to your machine. You will need to create a local account on the machine and give it Remote Management privileges so that the software can be deployed and installed remotely from our Mac server.

Creating the Local Account

  1. Click on the Apple Logo and open the System Preferences window

  2. In the System Preferences window, select Users & Groups

  3. If the Users & Groups window is secured, click the lock in the bottom-left and enter in Administrator credentials to unlock the Users & Groups area

  4. Click on the " + " under the list of current users to create a new user account

  5. Create a new Administrator user with your choice of name and password and enter in a Password Hint if you would like then click Create User

    This will be the Username and Password that you will need to give to the support representative who is managing your install. It is recommended to keep a record of these credentials, then deliver them to the support person via telephone.

  6. The user should now be listed under the Other Users section of the Users & Groups window. Click the lock to secure your changes and use the back arrow ( < ) to return to the System Preferences Window


Once the install of the Adobe software has been completed, you can come back to the Users and Groups area, unlock it, and delete the account by selecting it and clicking the " - " under Login Options. You are not required to keep the home folder for the local account on the machine if you wish to delete it at this time.

Giving the Account Remote Management Privileges

  1. On the Systems Preferences window, click on the Sharing button.

  2. If the Sharing window is locked, click the lock in the bottom-left and enter in the Administrator credentials for the machine.

  3. Check the box for Remote Login to enable the local account to be able to login to the machine, and ensure that the Allow access for is set to Only these users: Administrators

  4. Check the box for Remote Management and set Allow access for "Only these users:" then click the " + " and select the local account you created earlier then click Select

  5. A new window should pop-up with a series of checkboxes for remote management options. Select all of the items here then click OK

  6. Check the box for Remote Apple Events and set Allow access for: to "Only these users: ", click the " + ", then select the local account created earlier

  7. Click the lock to secure your changes

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