This article describes the different views available in the Student Educational Planner.

There are multiple plan views for the advisor to use.  These are selectable on the menu bar at the top of the plan. Select your view from the “View” drop down menu.

Edit View

This is the view shown in the previous documentation.  It’s includes the “Still Needed” sidebar. While some of the other views have some very limited editing options, this is the only view where full editing is allowed.  It should be the view used for any plan editing.  This view is not available to students and is the default view for advisors.

Calendar View

This is a view that is useful for seeing the chronological layout of the plan.  Semesters are grouped into academic year clusters.  This is also a good view for seeing if a student is on-track or off-track with his or her plan.  This can be viewed by looking at indicators (red=off track; green=on track) to the left of the each course.  This is the student default view.

Planner Notes View

This is a view that makes it easy for the user to view any planner notes included in the plan.  

Audit View

This is a view that shows the degree audit on the left side and the plan on the right side.  Only requirements that are planned using "Course" will show on the audit.  These courses show in blue and have the word "PLAN" next to them with the semester they are planned for.

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