Sometimes students who are enrolled, can access their My Missouri State accounts by using their Bearpass Login Name and password on their personal devices. However they cannot log on computers on campus by using their credentials. The first thing to try is to make sure users are currently enrolled in this semester, then change your password to make sure the password is valid. If the passwords are valid and you are registered, you need to request your Windows Account-Springfield or SGF account by following the steps below.

 This page will assist in requesting a Windows Account-Springfield or SGF for currently enrolled students.  

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to CAMS (
  2. Underneath Self-Service Options, click Get Resources

  3. Enter your BearPass Login and password to sign in.

  4. On your Get Resources page, click Request Resources.
  5. Request the Windows account. You will be given a temporary password. Write down this password exactly as it is written. It is case sensitive. 
  6. Change your password using the How to Change Your Password guide. Make sure to select Use my current password and enter the temporary password you just received.

If you successfully change your password, you should be able to log on the computers on campus. Go to one the computers on campus, log on that computer. If you can log on, then your Windows account has been requested. If not, please contact Computer Services Help Desk

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For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk