There are several user roles that can be added to your course. For example, you may have a teaching assistant who will be entering grades, or a guest who will be viewing course materials. Typically, course enrollments are controlled by Banner, but if you need to add another user to your course as a teaching assistant, course builder, etc. only an administrator can do so. 

Important items about adding users to a for-credit course:
  • Student Role - No one should be added to your course with the role of Student. Students are only enrolled in courses via registration and the synchronization between Banner and Blackboard.
  • Instructor Role - Instructors should only be added via Banner. If you are not seeing the courses you believe you are assigned to teach on the Class Dashboard you should contact your department
  • Teaching Assistant Role - This role is for assigned graduate/teaching assistants only. Users with this role can see and manage user grades.
  • Grader Role - This role has access to all Assessments in the course and the full Grade Center.
  • Course Builder Role - This role is for anyone who needs access to course content, such as another faculty member you want to share content with. This role gives users the permission to view and edit course content but does not give any access to student data or grades.

See Course Roles to determine the level of access for the user you want to add.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. To add a user to a Blackboard course, email the Help Desk at
  2. Include the course name/ID, the user’s full name, BearPass username (not their M#), and email address.
  3. Provide the course role you want them to be assigned as well as a brief explanation for why the user needs this role. Example email shown below.

    You do not need to provide an explanation for a Teaching Assistant, but if they are not listed as a Graduate/Teaching Assistant in Banner they will be added as a Course Builder until their information reflects a GA/TA posting

  4. You will receive a confirmation email when the user has been added to your course.

These instructions do not apply to courses that are being used as organizations. If you have a Blackboard course that is being used for a department, program, or purpose other than a seated course you can request the role of Enrollment Manager for yourself so that you can add and remove users. Blackboard Community site leaders can similarly request the role of Organization Manager to be able to add or remove users from a Blackboard Community page. If you have any questions please email the Help Desk.

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