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There are several user roles that can be added to your Blackboard course. For example, you may have a teaching assistant who will be entering grades, or a guest who will be viewing course materials. Typically, course enrollments are controlled by Banner, but if you need to add another user to your course as a teaching assistant, course builder, etc. you can do so on the Class Dashboard.

Important items about adding users to a for-credit course:
  • Student Role - Students are only enrolled in courses via registration and the synchronization between Banner and Blackboard.
  • Instructor Role - Instructors can only be added via Banner. If you are not seeing the courses you believe you are assigned to teach on the Class Dashboard you should contact your department.
  • Teaching Assistant Role - This role is for assigned graduate/teaching assistants only. Users with this role can see and manage user grades.
  • Grader Role - This role has access to all Assessments in the course and the full Grade Center.
  • Course Builder Role - This role is for anyone who needs access to course content, such as another faculty member you want to share content with. This role gives users the permission to view and edit course content but does not give any access to student data or grades.

See Course Roles to determine the level of access for the user you want to add.

Step-by-step Guide

How to Add a User to Your Course

If you have not requested your Blackboard courses yet, you will need to do so before you can add a user to the course. See How to Use the Class Dashboard to Request Blackboard Courses for more information. 

  1. To add a user to a Blackboard course, access the Class Dashboard in My Missouri State. 

  2. Select the term for the course you want to add the user to, then select Submit Search

    This process only works for Master Courses and current/future courses created using the Class Dashboard, if you need to add a user to a past course please email 

  3. You should have already requested your Blackboard course(s). On the Blackboard Options page, select the Blackboard Classes tab.

  4. Select the checkbox next to the course you want to add the user to, then click the Manage Roles for Selected Class button.

  5. On the pop-up box, select Assign.

  6. Type the user’s name or M-Number (M#) to search for them. Click the correct user name.

  7. Select a role for the user. See Course Roles for more information about each role.

  8. If the user and role are correct, click Submit.

    Please note that you can only add one (1) user to one (1) course at a time. You will need to repeat these steps to add additional users to the course or to add the same user to multiple courses.

  9. You will see a green success message that the user has been added to the course with the selected role.

How to Remove a User from Your Course

If you need to remove a user that you have previously added to a course, you can do so easily on the Class Dashboard.

  1. Follow Steps 1-4 above.
  2. After selecting the Manage Roles for Selected Course button, click Remove on the pop-up box.

  3. Select the check box next to the name of the user you want to remove, then click Submit.

  4. You will see a green success message that the user's role has been disabled.

    Please note that you can only remove users that were previously added via the Class Dashboard. You cannot remove instructors or students from the course or any user that has been manually added by an administrator.

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