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Most of the time, you do not need to access or change the SCORM player Advanced Options because the default settings are set for maximum compatibility and performance. The content package should already have the intended navigation, flow, and behavior, and the default settings are most likely to display it correctly and consistently. If you feel that you do need to change them, you should first contact your institution for assistance and guidance.

Step-by-step guide

To access the SCORM player Advanced Options, you must edit an existing SCORM content package.

  1. Access a content area or folder where the SCORM content package has already been uploaded.
  2. Access the SCORM content package's contextual menu and click Edit
  3. To access the otherwise hidden SCORM player Advanced Options, set Edit SCORM Player Behavior to Yes. The SCORM engineAdvanced Options will display in two or three columns. The left column allows you to select the category of advanced options controls, while the right columns list the choices and settings associated with the category selected. The categories are:
    • Navigational Controls
    • Launch Behavior
    • Rudimentary Sequencing
    • Rudimentary Rollup
    • Compatibility Settings
    • Communication Settings
    • Debugger Options
    • History Options
    • Other Behavioral Options
    Of these, the Navigational Controls and Launch Behavior are likely to be the most useful for instructors with a basic level of understanding of how SCORM content works, while Debugger Options and History Options can help in troubleshooting content packages that are not working properly
  4. Click SubmitIf you do not want to commit any changes you have made, click Cancel.

For more information about using SCORM in Blackboard see Add Content Packages.

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