The My Mediasite Management Portal allows you to upload media created outside of the Mediasite workflow. Once you’ve recorded your presentation locally on your computer, you can publish it to the Mediasite Server for editing, viewing, or deleting once you've established connection with the Mediasite Server. The Mediasite Desktop Recorder provides options on how you wish to use the presentation. You can upload it to a new presentation or upload it to an existing presentation. You can also rename or delete presentations through the Mediasite Web Editor. These options are described below.

  1. Selecting the Upload Media icon opens the Upload Media detail panel.

  2. Provide your name, a description, and from the drop-down menu select your Private folder.

  3. The Select files from your computer blue button will prompt a search window on your desktop to locate the file or files you wish to upload to your Private folder on the My Mediasite Server.

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