Follow the steps below to download Experts pages.

Step-by-step guides

Downloading a single page

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to print.
  2. Click Tools > Export to PDF in the top-right corner. The page will download as a PDF.

  3. Open the file from your browser's download pop-up or from your Downloads folder. You can now print the file from the browser of PDF reader.

Downloading multiple pages

  1. Click Space Tools > Content Tools in the bottom-left corner of the space.

  2. Click the Export tab.

  3. Choose the radio button next to PDF. Then click Next.

  4. Select the radio button for Custom Export.
  5. Click Deselect All to uncheck all the boxes. You can then check only the pages you want to export.

  6. Click Export all the way at the bottom of the screen once you have selected your pages. A progress bar will show.

  7. Click Download Here when the pages are finished. Choose Open on the pop-up bar.

Your document will then open. You can save it or print it. Remember, the site is the only place that it will get updated.

Do not rely on paper copies to be up to date.

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