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The host is the default leader of a Connect session. Please note that only faculty at Missouri State University can be designated as a Host. All other persons will enter a meeting room as Participant.

Meeting Host

The Host can perform the following tasks:

  •     Set up meetings, invite guests, approve guests, put rooms on hold or end them
  •     Add or edit layouts
  •     Promote and demote attendees (Presenters and Participants)
  •     Add content to the library
  •     Share Content
  •     Switch to preparing mode to create or edit layouts for a different presentation
  •     Give enhanced permissions to Participants without promoting the Participant
  •     Create/manage small breakout rooms
  •     Perform all of the tasks that a Presenter or Participant can
  •     Show slides and content, share screens, broadcast audio and video, and change the meeting room properties
  •     Control participant audio and video broadcast
  •     Record the meeting room

Before you begin

Test your computer to make sure it is set up with all of the tools you will need to host a Connect meeting.

Allow the Connection Test to run.

How to get a Username and Password

Adobe Connect has been integrated into the Missouri State's Active Directory system. This means your regular MSU account login information is used to access Adobe Connect. You will need email Alan Roland for configurations to your role to create and manage your meetings. Once your proper role is applied you are ready to manage your meeting room.

How to Log In to Adobe Connect at Missouri State University

Log into Connect Pro

Getting Started with Adobe Connect 9.

Connect Pro Homepage

The home page will open showing:

  • Navigation buttons
  • Create New: Meetings or Content

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